St. Nicholas Day 2010!

Have I mentioned lately  how much I love Advent? Unfortunately the first Sunday of Advent found me in bed with a nasty case of strep throat but I’m much better now and we are thoroughly enjoying our traditions.

I have used my Mrs. Sharp’s Traditions book for inspiration for our celebrations. Can I just say how much I love this book? I use it all year round and she shares some of the most delightful traditions.

Here are the goodies St. Nicholas dropped off. We baked him cookies and the kids each left a carrot in their shoe for his horse. 🙂

*please excuse the awful pictures, I couldn’t take them until everyone was in bed so it was dark…*

Each child gets new slippers, a book, and a present. Mary is getting The Saint Who Became Santa Claus and Luke is getting St. Nicholas: The real story of the Christmas Legend. There is also chocolate coins, an orange, and a candy cane for both of them… I have a feeling that along with our honey cakes my kids will be having candy for breakfast!

This is something I meant to have done for the first week of Advent by being sick kind of put it on hold. I don’t remember where I saw the idea for a play Advent wreath but I thought it was a great one! It was interesting to make, I sewed the wreath and candle holes and then stuffed it with wool so it is a tad lumpy in places but I don’t think they will mind too much.

I have a few crafts and colouring pages set up for tomorrow, it is going to be a great day!
Happy Feast of St. Nicholas!!


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