Simple Woman’s Daybook September 7th

Outside my window… it’s raining. Honestly I’m enjoying it. I wish we could get outside more but I’m enjoying staying inside getting things in order.

I am thinking…

I am thankful for… a hand that has stopped burning!!! I will never ever stir anything that involves jalapenos with my hand again. In fact I went and bought gloves.

From the learning rooms… a basket full of fall books are being enjoyed by all.

From the kitchen… still canning. I have 40 more pounds of peaches to do… I didn’t realize my kids were going to love them so much!

I am wearing… yoga capris and a t-shirt. We’re having a home day.

I am creating… scrapbook pages. I fell dreadfully behind this summer but winter provides many more opportunities for scrapbooking.

I am going… nowhere in the foreseeable future. 🙂

I am reading… that Kimberly Hahn book still. Still loving it!

I am hoping… the echinacea and vitamins I’m pumping into Mary will help her fight off the cold that she seems to be coming down with.

I am hearing… my kiddos laughing and playing together. Such a happy sound.

Around the house… my floors need to be mopped again. I’m not sure what possessed me to mop them before I canned my salsa. They are a mess again.

One of my favorite things… pickled green beans!! So far these are our favourites, although the zucchini salsa is a close second.

A few plans for the rest of the week: We’re having a friend over for dinner tomorrow and I have peaches and more zucchini to can. We might head to playgroup Friday if everything is done but no plans other than that!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…


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