Simple Woman’s Daybook: Monday August 30th


Outside my window… it’s cool and cloudy. I have to admit I’m eagerly awaiting the official arrival of fall. Our summer has been rather hectic and I am enjoying the slower pace of being home.

I am thinking…
I have a lot more canning to do in the next few weeks. Pears, carrots, and apples are next up!

I am thankful for… my husband’s new job!! I have finally had a taste of what it’s like to have a husband who comes home at 5pm every day and has weekends off… I like it!

From the learning rooms…
taking it easy for now, lots of liturgical celebrations and planning happening.

From the kitchen… I think my last post summed up my kitchen pretty well. Lots of canning. LOTS.

I am wearing… yoga capris and a t-shirt. Comfy.

I am creating…
inventories. Pantry, freezer, canning inventories. Organization baby!

I am going… back to the farmer’s market on Wednesday to get dill and carrots to pickle.

I am reading… a bible study by Kimberly Hahn. It’s in my room or I would tell you what it’s called… I’m enjoying it a lot, it’s great morning reading.

I am hoping… that one day I’ll be caught up on laundry. I’m not holding my breath though.

I am hearing…
Sirius Pops on my satellite radio. I love my satellite radio. I listen to a lot of EWTN shows, Open Line and The Doctor is In are my favourites.

Around the house…
lots of things I want to tackle now that cooler weather is here. Sewing and knitting seem to be winter hobbies, I have hardly touched my machine all summer.

One of my favorite things…
the satisfying *pop* jars fresh out of the canner make when they seal.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Canning, register Mary for gymnastics, visits with friends we haven’t seen in weeks. Fun! 🙂

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…

Is that not the biggest zucchini you have ever seen? For $2 at our farmer’s market I couldn’t resist. 


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