SWEET!! (alternately titled: I ♥ kijiji!)

I love kijiji. A lot! We got Mary the plan toys dollhouse from a lady on kijiji (I really don’t think she realized how much it was worth because we got a wicked deal) and I have found some other neat stuff on there too.

Today I picked up this plan toys geometric peg board.
Plan Toy Geometric Peg Board

And this Plan Toys shape matching puzzle.
Plan Toys Shape Matching

I also got a wooden Melissa & Doug puzzle and a magnet maze kind of like this one:Educo Wood Magnetic Maze, Explore-a-Sub

All for $10!! Of course whenever I find exciting toys like this the first thing I do is come home and find out how much everything is worth new, all together those 4 puzzles would have been over $75!

Needless to say, I’m pretty excited. Since we made the decision to watch very closely the toys we allow in our house my kids haven’t had a whole lot of toys. After getting rid of pretty much all the plastic toys and all the toys with batteries there wasn’t a whole lot left. I have slowly been building their collection and these will make a nice addition.


2 thoughts on “SWEET!! (alternately titled: I ♥ kijiji!)

  1. Those are fab finds! I've been getting rid of our plastic stuff too. Mostly wood and some plastic like little people and the peg board are all that's left.

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