To blog… or not to blog…

That is the question!

I have been meaning to start blogging again… so I’m going to try! We have been doing lots of fun stuff and my scrapbooking is falling behind again so I need somewhere to keep track of everything we are doing.

FOR TODAY July 4th, 2010
Outside my window… is a rather blustery day! We spent the last 3 days in my mother in law’s home town of Jean Côté (middle of nowhere, Northern Alberta) and had a great time despite the weather. It is sure nice to look outside my window and see MY yard!

I am thinking… about raw and sprouted foods. I want to try and eat more of them but there is A LOT of information on both out there and it’s kind of overwhelming.
I am thankful for… service calls. Dh had two extra days off this week but he got called out on a service call today. I was disappointed that we lost his last day home with us but he will probably make as much in these few hours as he would have in those two days so our check won’t be short… yay overtime!!
From the learning rooms… if only we had a whole room… someday. Mary has a major interest in flowers and plants right now so that’s what we are learning about. We will be planting and sprouting some seeds this week, it’s going to be fun!

From the kitchen… lots of local fruits and veggies. I love summer. I wish we lived somewhere with a longer growing season.

I am wearing… a skirt and t-shirt. The usual.

I am creating… lists! Lots and lots of lists. School lists, food lists, cleaning lists… I love lists. Now I just need time to complete them. 🙂
I am going… nowhere! After two (fun!) weeks with my in-laws and a weekend in Jean Côté I’m ready to spend July at home with my family. We’ll be back in PG for the month of August so we’ll spend July doing some exploring close to home.
I am reading… lots of books. Too many to keep track of as usual.

I am hoping… to get started on some of the summer projects sitting in my living room. A trip to home depot is in my future…

I am hearing… the sweet sweet sounds of naptime. Ahh.
One of my favorite things… exciting kijiji finds!!! We’re going to pick up a couple of plan toys puzzles tonight!
A few plans for the rest of the week: Time to get everything back in order after so much time away. Laundry to be done, bathrooms to be cleaned, meals to be planned… all of which take a backseat to spending time outside of course!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…Our family with dh’s uncle Bob. He is a priest in Quebec (so cool!!) and he is so sweet! I love visiting with him and was glad he came for this because we won’t be seeing him in August at the family reunion.


3 thoughts on “To blog… or not to blog…

  1. I love fruits and veggies. Especially when they are fresh. I want to start sprouting my own sprockets. I think they would be a lot fresher. I love the picture. It must be nice to have a priest in the family. We have a lot of pastors in our family. Doylene

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