Simple Woman’s Daybook: February 22nd

Outside my window… it is so warm! The kids and I have been going outside every day and it is so nice! I’m so ready for spring it isn’t even funny. We are going to have an awesome summer, both kids will be walking! I’m looking forward to lots of camping.

I am listening to… The Doctor is In podcasts. Podcasts are wonderful things. I rarely get a change to listen to Dr. Ray when he is actually on but with podcasts I never have to miss one.

I am thinking… about the awesome book I’m working my way through. It’s called Simplicity Parenting and it is fabulous. Lots of food for thought.

I am thankful for… Lent. I was very overdue for a slowing down/refocusing and it has been great so far. Our theme this lent is simplify and so far it’s going great.

I am praying… for my husband. He works so hard every day, getting up at 4:30 and not getting home until 7:30. He is awesome.

From the kitchen… We have been having very plain meals on Fridays (lentils or beans and rice usually) and I haven’t been using any seasoning, not even salt. We both find this to be great penance… have you ever tried lentils and rice with no seasoning? Blah.
Today though there is a roast with veggies cooking in my crockpot. It smells delicious!

I am creating… a rather ambitious knitting project. I’m not sure how it’s going to come out or if I’m ever going to finish it but I’m trying!

I am wearing… a skirt! I am too much of a sissy to wear skirts when it’s cold but this warm weather has brought out my skirts. I love wearing skirts, I really should get some nice long ones I can wear in winter but I haven’t found any that I really like yet.

I am reading… That book I mentioned before, Simplicity Parenting. It really is a gem, exactly what I needed for this season.

Noticing that… a certain little man is finally getting confident enough to try walking again. His ear infection really threw him off and he stopped trying but he is taking 4-5 steps again. It won’t be long!

One of my favorite things… not having to worry about dinner for a few days! Hooray for cooking a big (and easy!) meal that will last us for awhile.

A few plans for the rest of the week: We are busy busy busy! Tomorrow we are watching a friends little girl then Wednesday Mary has gymnastics, Thursday we have a lady from our county’s literacy program coming (we are participating in the pilot program), then Friday it’s music. Phew. Too busy. Something is going to have to go soon.

A Picture thought I am sharing:
Some friends and I started a photo challenge group on facebook and this weeks theme is ‘the back of things’ this was my entry. 🙂


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