Simple Woman’s Daybook: January 11th

Outside My Window::

::It’s dark. No time for blogging today so it had to wait until everyone else was in bed.

I am Listening to::

::CBC News: The National as I type this. I don’t often get a chance to watch the news and I’m starting to remember why I don’t try harder. There isn’t a whole lot of uplifting news to be had.

I am wearing ::

::Jammies, comfy warm jammies. A cup of raspberry tea and a cozy blanket make it just about perfect.

I am Thankful For::

::My husband coming home every night! Have I mentioned that yet? I can’t even begin to explain how wonderful it is. Even though we only get to see him for a couple hours every night it’s still wonderful.

I am Reading:

::West From Home: Letters of Laura Ingalls Wilder and I love it! I adored the Little House books when I was a child and I was delighted to find this book on amazon!

From the Kitchen::

::Lots of pita pizzas, perfect for lunches and so yummy! I borrowed the Canadian Living baking book from our library and it is amazing, I have a whole bunch of recipes queued up and waiting to be tried!

I am Thinking:

::that it will be a complete miracle if Nathaniel’s shift doesn’t get changed between now and February. We are planning on going to the French carnival in the town Nathaniel’s grandparents live in and right now it falls perfectly in his days off!

I am Creating::

::Mittens!! I am kitting them, the first one is complete and I’m so proud! I have the softest alpaca wool, they will be so soft.

On my iPod::

::Dr. Ray and Fred Penner. Dr Ray keeps me company while I’m cleaning and Mary is napping and then Fred comes on when she gets up.

Towards Rhythm and Beauty:

::I’m getting there!! We have settled into a nice routine and now I’m fine tuning it to make things run even smoother.

I am Hoping and Praying:

:: That Nathaniel’s shift won’t change!! We have talked about going to the Carnival since we moved here and I am so excited to go!

Around the House:

::All signs of Advent and Christmas are gone. Mary still asks for some things but she seems to be okay with everything for the most part. I think she misses her Little People Nativity the most.

One of My Favorite Things:

::My new camera!! I finally got it and oh boy am I excited!! You can expect to see lots more pictures now, it is so much easier to take a point and shoot places than my big camera. Hooray!!

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week:

::Sticking with our routine. We’ll go to stories Wednesday, probably playgroup Thursday and then Friday is Nathaniel’s first day off!

A Picture Thought I’m Sharing:


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