Advent with Littles: The Jesse Tree

If you have never heard of a Jesse Tree you can go to Wikipedia and read more about it here.

There doesn’t seem to be a specific set of readings/symbols, the point from what I understand is to learn more about the geneology of Jesus.

I love the idea of a Jesse Tree but I wasn’t sure Mary would be old enough to really get it this year. I was going through her books trying to see if we had a kid’s bible that I could pull the stories from so that it would be easier for her to understand.

When I found the God Loves Me Bible I knew I could make it work. The bible is set up in character format, each page looks like this:
It is nice and short and simple. The only problem with this bible is that it is protestant so it’s missing some rather important people! 😉

We will read a page out of Mary’s bible every morning and I’ll give her the symbol to put on the tree. We’ll do this after our morning prayers. I’m going to try and read to her out of my bible too if she is interested. I’ll put up a picture of our symbol and reading every day during Advent. 🙂


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