Advent with Littles: Our Advent Basket, part 1

Now that we have our living room re arranged I have been able to put Mary’s seasonal book basket in a much more appealing location. I emptied out the bottom shelves and made her a little reading corner. A bean bag is on my sewing list for her corner, something comfy.

Here is what is in our Advent Basket this year:

Touch and Feel Baby Jesus Is Born: This is a sweet book, it has cute pictures and Mary loved it last year. The story is simple and easy to understand for little ones.

Little Donkey’s Christmas Story: This is the Christmas story told by a donkey, it’s a great book for younger ones, the donkey helps keep them engaged and listening to the story.

The Nutcracker: I *love* the Little Golden Books series. Especially the old ones. Whenever I find them in a thrift store or at garage sales I snatch them up. They often have the most beautiful illustrations and the sweetest stories! This book is all that. It is obviously very simplified but a very cute story.

Little Mouse’s Wonderful Journey: This is a Christmas story told from the perspective of a mouse. Mary loves any story with an animal in it right now, I’m excited to read this to her.

Baby Jesus ABC: Another old book with delightful illustrations.

One Tiny Baby: This is another simplified Christmas story. Mary has been asking a lot of questions about Christmas and I’m hoping these books will help bring the story down to something she can understand a little better.

These are the books that are going to start out in our basket. I have more to add through out Advent as we read them together.


2 thoughts on “Advent with Littles: Our Advent Basket, part 1

  1. I bought around 8 Christmas themed books at Value Village the other day, I figure we'd use them with our Christmas countdown tree thing that has a bunch of little drawers in it, I think we have 12 christmas books altogether, and then the rest of the 24 days we'll do a craft or something neat like that. We tried to just do stickers last year, and we forgot most of the days!

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