Small Successes: November 19th 2009

This week has felt so busy and yet it seems like I have gotten nothing done! There must be some things…

Mary is 90% potty trained! I took her out on a play date today with no diaper and we were accident free! I know there will still be accidents but leaving the house with no diaper is a huge step! She has also been staying dry during naps, we are so close! The only thing holding us back now is her insisting on pooping in her diaper. It will come soon I’m sure.

I have finished my Jesse tree and most of the decorations, compiled an Advent reading basket (I even remembered to request some books from the library!) for Mary and have the materials for my Advent wreath ready for this weekend. I feel so prepared this year it’s wonderful!

Remember the futon I mentioned a few posts ago? I’m *so* glad it’s gone! Inspired by the all the space it created I took just about everything off our two book shelves and I’m starting from scratch. It was painful packing away so many books (they used to be full) but we just don’t have room right now. I also got rid of most of the toys from the living room. We will keep a few out here but not many. I plan on using one empty shelf for a nature/seasonal shelf and one for my reading basket for Mary. Purging makes me happy. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Small Successes: November 19th 2009

  1. Wow your bookshelves look so empty! A nature table is a fun idea. It's on my to-do list but I'm not sure when I'll get to it :S

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