Other Exciting Thrift Store Finds

Exciting stuff!!! These are too old for Mary this year but I was thrilled to find them for so cheap! The Christmas books especially, they are beautiful stories with beautiful illustrations. Max Lucado is a very gifted writer, these really strike me as perfect examples of what Elizabeth Foss calls ‘living books.’

And of course I always snatch up any Usborne books that I find. I love the books but can’t afford to get many at full price. Finding them at thrift stores or garage sales is a welcome alternative!!


2 thoughts on “Other Exciting Thrift Store Finds

  1. I love Max Lucado books – we have a lot of his children's books and Judah enjoys them too. I like when my favorite stories are his too! 🙂
    I've gotten all of ours second hand too – LOVE yard sale/thrift store books!

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