Simple Woman’s Daybook: November 16th

Outside my window… snow and lots of it. *sigh* I knew this weather was way too good to last but oh man was I enjoying it!

I am thinking… how much I’m going to miss having Nathaniel home when he goes back to work!

I am thankful for… a little girl who made potty training way easier than I thought it was going to be.

I am wearing… long brown cord skirt and a purple t-shirt.

I am remembering… (or at least trying to remember) all the projects I have on the go and need to finish before Christmas.

I am going… to do some serious sewing this week when the kids are in bed. Time to get caught up!

I am reading… Discipline to Last a Lifetime by Dr. Ray. I’ve read it before but I’m finding some good stuff to help me with Mary this time.

I am hoping… that Mary’s present will get here before St. Nicholas day. This is what I get for leaving ordering it to the last minute!

On my mind… still not quite ready to talk about that one yet. If you have any prayers to send our way they will be much appreciated though, let me tell you!

From the learning rooms… lots of pretend play. Lots of gnomes, animals, and fairies. Fun stuff and Mary is loving it!

Noticing that… I need to swap out a few of Mary’s toys for new ones, time for something new and exciting.

From the kitchen… pear butter again this week, I finally used up all those pears!!

Around the house… our futon is leaving us today! I finally decided that since no one sits on it and all it is doing is taking up a bunch of room we might as well get rid of it. I’m so excited! I have plans fot a nature table and a better home altar for when it’s gone.

One of my favorite things… watching Mary make Luke happy when he is crying. She runs and grabs a toy for him and does whatever she can to make him happy. So sweet.

From my picture journal…


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