Simple Woman’s Daybook: November 9th

Outside my window… it’s cloudy but so warm for November, the weather network said we are supposed to get up to 5 this afternoon… that is unheard of in November!

I am thinking… that just because I find a great deal on organic pears does not mean I should buy 15 pounds of them… what am I going to do with all of them!?

I am thankful for… all of the Christmas presents I bought this summer, only a few more and I’ll be done shopping!

I am wearing… my jean skirt and a blue t-shirt. Home clothes.

I am remembering… how easy our life was before Luke started crawling, man that kid is fast!

I am going… no where. Between flu season and potty training this is going to be a home type week for us.

I am reading… Homeschooling with Gentleness: A Catholic discovers Unschooling. Love it.

I am hoping… to keep on top of my laundry this week so it stays caught up!

On my mind… giving up most of my computer time for Advent… I know I should… but can I?

From the learning rooms… getting ready for Advent! I have lots of fun stuff planned and I can’t wait to show Mary!

Noticing that… My son is quickly growing out of his 18 month jammies… time to unpack some more! Poor kid is going to have to wear Mary’s old jammies if he keeps this up!

Pondering these words… I’m too tired to ponder anything today.. up too late crafting!

From the kitchen… home made chicken noodle soup yesterday. Mmmm. Pumpkin butter and ginger chewys too! Recipes coming soon.

Around the house… I clean… it gets messy… I clean… it gets messy… I clean…

One of my favorite things~ Playing dolls with Mary. I was never interested in playing with dolls growing up so it’s fun playing with Mary now!

From my picture journal…


5 thoughts on “Simple Woman’s Daybook: November 9th

  1. Sweet family! You should make pear butter! That was the first thing my husband and I learned how to can. You can do it together and it's lots of fun!

  2. Or you could make pies for your freezer 🙂 I have one in there right now that I made before our oven was fixed – now I am trying to loose weight and pie is the last thing I should be eating!! But I like knowing it is in there in case I need a last minute dessert 🙂

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