The Simple Woman’s Daybook- November 2nd 2009

FOR TODAY… from Chelsea’s Daybook

Outside my window… It’s dark! Even though the time change wreaks havoc with my children’s sleep I do enjoy it getting dar earlier. I enjoy putting the kids to be early and sitting down with a cup of tea and a book.

I am thinking… how much I still have to do to get ready for Advent!

I am thankful for… a healthy family. We are doing our best to keep those flu bugs at bay!

I am wearing… Jammies. Have you tried Costco’s yoga pants? The ones that come in a pack of two? I could live in these! I was never allowed to wear pjs out of the house growing up, even as a teenager. Now I’m the kind of person who gets up and gets dressed right away in the morning, I don’t like wearing jammies all day… theese might just change my mind!

I am remembering… a friend’s baby boy who would have been one tomorrow. We have been praying for their family.

I am going… grocery shopping tomorrow! It is 15% off day and I think I’m going all by myself when Nathaniel gets home from school.

I am reading… Real Learning!!!! A friend lent it to me and it is just as good as I hoped it would be.. I *love* this book!!!!!

I am hoping… that I have my Jesse Tree done by the beginning of Advent!

On my mind… something that I can’t quite talk about yet… prayers for wisdom would be great!

From the learning rooms… books, books, and more books! Reading Real Learning has inspired me to do less formal ‘school’ stuff with Mary and more reading, it has been wonderful!

Noticing that… I need to keep my floors cleaner. I think Luke has a radar that picks up every single stray piece of fluff or fuzz or food that falls!

Pondering these words… The simplification of anything is always sensational. -GKC

From the kitchen… My crockpot chicken tacos were a flop so I turned them into chicken taco pasta and it was great! I love being able to rescue meals.

Around the house… There is no room! We desperately need a bigger house. We just don’t have enough room here.

One of my favorite things… A cup of tea, a couple cookies, a good book, and quiet!

From my picture journal…

I know it’s old but it’s just so cute!


2 thoughts on “The Simple Woman’s Daybook- November 2nd 2009

  1. I enjoyed your daybook. Your family is beautiful. I loved seeing your pictures. Thanks for sharing them. I think everyone needs a larger house. I have three bedrooms but would love to have four because we have three sets of friends I would like to have room for all of them. Children do find every little thing on the floor. I know mine are not clean enough for my grands. I hope you have a blessed week, Doylene

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