My Daybook: September 28, 2009

FOR TODAY…September 28th

Outside my window… it’s finally starting to feel like Fall. We are still having lovely weather but we had to wear hats and coats to go outside this morning!

I am thinking… about all the crafty projects that I don’t have time to start, let alone finish!

I am thankful for… a husband who treats me like a queen! And all the family time we have been able to have while he goes to school. Pure Heaven!

I am wearing… jeans (with long johns underneat! It’s cold!) and a purple(ish) t-shirt

I am remembering… that I should probably have taken something out for dinner earlier this morning…

I am going…to Costco this afternoon, we are almost out of wipes!!

I am reading… a book called Choosing Beauty, I have really enjoyed it so far and it has challenged me in good ways.

I am hoping…to finish my plans for the upcoming feast days tonight.

On my mind… something that I’m not quite ready to blog about yet.

From the learning rooms… we have been doing lots of outside stuff, trying to get outside as much as possible while we still can!

Noticing that… Mary

Pondering these words…Fallacies do not ceace to be fallacies just because they become fashions.” by GK Chesterton

From the kitchen… I love fall cooking!! Lots of root veggies and apple desserts. Yum

Around the house…too much crafting/sewing and not enough cleaning… must remedy that this week!

One of my favorite things… planning! I have been making Christmas/holiday lists. Making lists and being organized makes me happy.

From my picture journal… is my I *heart* Faces entry… see the next post!


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