Can You Imagine?

I absolutely love watching Mary play. She spends so much time sitting with her Little People sets and imagining. She is very much into playing real life right now so I often see one of her people sitting in the corner. She makes them practise saying please and thank you, they eat dinner and play hide and seek… I could watch her forever!


One thought on “Can You Imagine?

  1. this is one of my favorite things to do with the boys too!! Judah is the most entertaining, being the only vocal one of the two šŸ™‚
    He'll tell his toys “Obey mommy. It's important.” or “*gory noise* You shot me. I am dying.” (not sure where he got that line from…) or “Hi I am Judah. What is your name? < silent pause > Oh ok.”

    Those are constant lines I hear and they crack me up every time!!

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