Things I love: Evernote

Have you heard of Evernote? It’s pretty much the coolest thing ever.

I love browsing crafty blogs and etsy for ideas. I find myself bookmarking tons of places thinking “oh, I could so do that!” I also love looking for recipes online, I rarely use cookbooks now. Most of the time though once I finally get time to do something I can’t find what I’m looking for and I have to search through my plethora of book marks to find it again.

Evernote has pretty much changed my life. You download it onto your desktop and then whenever you see something you like, like a recipe or a picture of a product or a tutorial you simply highlight it, and then drag and drop it into a new note. After you do that you can make up a tag for your note (like recipe, crafts, tutorial, etc.) so that next time you are looking for it all you have to do it click the tag and it’s right there! I have some things tagged with multiple tags, like this tutorial I have tagged under sewing, Mary, and Christmas. That way when I want to work on one of the presents I’m going to make Mary for Christmas I can find it right away! Evernote also keeps the website so you can go back to the original website very easily. It’s nice because when you see a tutorial or something you can just drag a picture of the finished product into a new note and you don’t have to save the whole thing.

Try it. It will change the way you bookmark things. You will love it!


One thought on “Things I love: Evernote

  1. Did you use to organize your book marks?
    I organize my book marks by category and am just wondering if this would be more useful than that way… organizing the bookmarks works well for me, but this sounds intriguing šŸ™‚

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