Simple Woman’s Daybook

FOR TODAY September 14th 2009…
Outside my window… It is supposed to be fall but I guess someone forgot to tell the weather! It has been in the high 20s and is supposed to stay that way all week!

I am thinking… About all of the fun stuff Mary and I have been doing during school time, she is loving it!
I am thankful for… my husband and
From the learning room… we are working on the days of the week and signing family words. We have been doing lots of fun crafts too.

From the kitchen… sourdough starter is on day 4! I am anxious to try the sourdough pancakes.

I am wearing… shorts and a tank top.. in the middle of September!!
I am creating… all sorts of things! I made Mary the cutest cape for Halloween with a matching headband. I have also started on a set of felt play food for her, felt is my newest obsession, SO fun!!

I am going… to play group with the kids tomorrow! I took Mary to the 3-5 year old room last week and she had SO much fun! She got to fingerpaint and play with playdough, she hasn’t stopped talking about it since.

I am reading… books about canning. I have some pears waiting to be made into spiced pear sauce this week.

I am hoping… that Luke will remember how to sleep through the night soon!

I am hearing… my son throwing a fit. Daddy just gave him a carrot to chew on and when Nathaniel went over to help him get a better grip on it Luke threw himself back and screamed like one of his fingers got cut off… someone has a bit of a temper!

Around the house… *sigh* chaos. Laundry has taken over once again. I really need to get it under control!

One of my favorite things… watching Mary play with her Little People when she doesn’t know I’m watching. She has quite the imagination that girl!
A few plans for the rest of the week:
Tuesday: play group
Wednesday: park play date
Thursday: photo shoot
Friday: picnic dinner!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…
this is the cape and ribbons and barretts I made for Mary’s friend’s birthday this week.


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