Who Knew?

As the first year of Mary’s life plainly shows I am very anti cry it out. Even when she was over a year and still getting up many times in the night to nurse I still refused to force her to stop. Yes it was hard and yes I was always tired but looking back I don’t regret it and I wouldn’t do anything different. She is now a well adjusted 2 year old who sleeps in her own bed, in her own room and has for months.

Luke on the other hand is a totally different ball game. At first I tried treating him like Mary: Nursing him when he was fussy to help him calm down and then to help him to go to sleep. Now he would get really fussy and upset before naps and before bed. I would try and nurse him and he would just get more and more angry. It was frustrating not being able to calm him down enough and it was taking forever to get him to sleep!

Well, a couple weeks ago it dawned on me… what if he just wants to go to bed because he is tired? Well sure enough next time he started getting fussy I took him, layed him in his bed and gave him his sucky… guess what? He cried for about 6 minutes and went to sleep.

This has been working for a week now and I’m still in shock every time I put him in bed. I didn’t actually believe there were babies out there who you could just put in bed when they were tired and they would go to sleep by themselves… but I have one! And it’s awesome.


2 thoughts on “Who Knew?

  1. Awww he's so sweet. Well done on trying something different that suited him. I think its awesome how are kids are made so very different. You have a BEAUTIFUL family šŸ™‚

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