Works for Me Wednesday

I don’t often participate in Works for Me Wednesday but this really works for me.

Around here lunch time tends to be crazy. Maybe we went out to play group or did some errands in the morning and now we are back, it’s almost lunch time, both kids are grumpy because it’s almost naptime and I still have to make lunch. Maybe I spent the morning doing school with Mary or doing some baking, all of a sudden Mary starts getting really grumpy which of course sets of Luke and again I haev to try and keep them both happy and make lunch.

Well here is my solution!

Every night when I am making Nathaniel’s lunch for the next day I make a sandwich for Mary and one for me. That way I can just go to the fridge and pull it out and voila! Lunch is served.

This might not help you if you are more organized or better than me at that whole time management thing… but I find it super useful!


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