4 Months

Luke you are already almost 5 months old! I can’t believe how fast you are growing! We spent your fourth month in Prince George staying at the lake.
This month you:
-learned how to sit all by yourself!
-stare intently at food or anything else we put in our mouths, you want food so bad!
-love to play with the double cups from mommy’s coffee, they are your favourite
-think your sister is the greatest and love watching her play
-smile at anyone who looks at you
-love it when someone says BOO! and scares you, it always makes you laugh
-are starting to push yourself forwards and backwards
-roll from your belly to your back and then get frustrated that you can’t get back
-spend lots of time in your exersaucer and jolly jumper
-have two or three naps, but you’re going to drop the evening one soon


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