I am going to home school our kids. I can’t wait. I am surrounded by families who home school and I honestly can’t wait to be one of them! I read books on homeschooling, read home schooler’s blogs, dream about all the fun school things I’ll do with my kids when they’re older…. I want learning to be incorporated into everything we do as a family. Jessica at Shower of Roses is an amazing homeschooling mom who incorporates the liturgical year into almost everything they do! I want to make feast days special too, I love all her ideas! We are even working on our own set of little wooden saints!

I think Mary will be ready for some basic preschool activities in September, I plan on using some ideas from Elizabeth’s Along the Alphabet Path and lots and lots of stories!

Some of my favourite books on learning are about the Montessori method. I love Maria Montessori’s methods and I hope to include a lot of them. I have found lately that Mary does much much better when she is challenged. She gets bored very quickly with her toys and we haf far fewer tantrums when she is challenged with something.

I just went through all of our toys and got rid of *tons* of them. I organized what is left into pretty photo boxes. I take one out and set her up with the activity, when she is done we clean it up and get out another one.

In the next few weeks I’m going to try and blog about some of our favourite games and activities.


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  1. We adore the Montessori method of teaching as well. Micah's boss is very big into education and gave me a TON of books on teaching Montessori at home. One of my favorites is- Teaching Montessori in the Home; The pre-school years by Elizabeth Hainstock. It has fantastic ideas and project ideas.

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